Amazing Ford Pickup Truck Bed Extension!

When we talk about hard working vehicles, there are many people who are really putting them into use! We are sure that there are thousands homemade inventions that will make our work incredibly easy but they still haven’t hit the market. In this video we have one of those inventions as this guy took the liberty of working on his Ford F-150 a little bit and transforming it to something even more functional. He created a sort of hydraulic lift gate to help load and unload the thing that you are caring into the bed all without creating that extra need for back breaking labor!

With this invention, the work can be done by one man as the mechanism could be used to lift whatever you need to get into the bed! With thing like this, we are sure that we are going to see this guy getting picked up by a big name auto manufacturer to put his work into stock vehicles. This is really something that Ford needs into their product lineup to entice potential buyers into buying one of their trucks as they bring the versatility to life!

Take a look at the video down below that shows how this invention works and be sure to tell us if you can use something like this on a regular basis. Also tell us if you think that there are some modifications that could be done to this setup to make it even better. Perhaps a bed extension would be key to bringing that utility up another notch!