Bad Mechanical Advice – Lady Starts Her Vehicle With 2×4

We can understand that not everyone is born to be a mechanic. Well, many people are not even interested to learn about how some thing work on a vehicle and just prefers to leave that to the professionals and their machine that is nothing more than a simple A to B.

However, there is a baseline of intelligence that we found most folks would have on the matter and other matters that could come into play in our daily lives. There are many people who prove us wrong almost every day and the results sometimes are really hilarious. In the video below we have a girl with a vehicle that won’t start and a “friend” of hers has seemed to give her some rather corny mechanical advice. As we can see in the video below, she was told that if she hits her gas tank hard enough with a 2×4 that the fuel pump would start working and the car would run.

Well, we don’t know how someone can believe in this one, but that’s not exactly how things work. That is not even close to the way that things work. Maybe this poor girl should reconsider the source of where ever she’s getting that advice from. Take a look at the video below that shows this failed attempt that has the side of this poor car taking a beating. Maybe she needs a 4×4 instead of a 2×4. What do you guys think about this one. After watching the video give us your opinion in the comment box.